Project Manager – Structures

Noel loves working outdoors and has been involved in the civils structural game for the past four and a half years. He left school at age 18 to work as a carpenter and built spec homes and undertook renovations before switching focus to structural projects. Under his watchful eye, our team carefully construct retaining walls, boardwalks and high quality industrial fences including noise walls for our clients.

Noel works closely with our civil team to ensure earthworks and drainage are scheduled appropriately so no-one’s holding each other up. He particularly enjoys the problem-solving aspect of structural work – figuring out how plans written on paper can best be executed on a site with challenging contours. 

Despite overseeing his teams, Noel still likes to jump on the tools and get his hands dirty whenever possible. He has a great rapport with others and everyone appreciates his clear communication and down-to-earth approach.