Project Manager - Structures / Agricultural

Stu is an old school journeyman who’s tried his hand at everything. He’s been a phone systems technician, a salesman, a carpenter, a sheet metal worker, an insulation installer, a shop fitter, a retail shower display expert and a kiwifruit harvest manager, among many other things. He’s also built himself two homes and has a photographic memory so the amount of knowledge he holds in his head is nothing short of incredible!


When we heard about his extensive skill set, we just had to hire him. So Stu is now one of our longest-serving employees and is responsible for overseeing the construction of nurseries, sheds, hay barns, retaining walls, vertical shelters, boardwalks and much more. Stu loves working outdoors and has a great eye for detail. If something isn’t straight, he’s the first one to spot it.

Stu is also known for his analytical, logical way of thinking and the tremendous effort he puts into planning each and every project. His work ethic is second-to-none and he likes to lead by example so will happily strap on a tool belt or sweep the floor as long as the job gets done. He’s also renowned for his wicked sense of humour.