• Subdivision Development

  • Road Construction

  • Trenching / Drainage

  • Retaining Walls

  • Landscaping / Fencing

When it comes to civil construction and earthworks, SABRE’s capabilities are limitless. We will take your piece of land, no matter how challenging the contour, location or soil type, and transform it into a road, subdivision or commercial site to suit your exact specifications.




Civil/Earthworks & Horticulture/Agriculture Construction Manager




  • Orchard Construction 

  • Vertical / Overhead / Shade Shelter

  • Greenhouse / Nursery / Crop Tunnels

  • Pole Shed / Barns / Worker Accommodation

  • Animal Shelter / Feed Pads

We work with high-value horticultural and agricultural clients and can build whatever facilities or assets are required - from greenhouses to packhouses to worker accommodation.

Our services range from repairing or modifying existing structures to delivering extensive greenfield developments across the Bay of Plenty.

When combined with our civil and earthworks division, SABRE has the capability to solve any construction need you have including drainage, fencing or new access roads so you can focus on your core business – looking after your crops, animals and land.




Director / Horticultural Sales / Business Development




  • Commercial / Industrial / Pack-house Construction

  • High Density / Apartment / Townhouses

  • Residential / Architectural Homes

  • Renovations

Getting SABRE involved right from the design phase of your project will ensure we can offer you the best value and advice. We’ll work with your engineer and architect and advise on ways to save costs and increase the quality of your build to ensure longevity and financial success.

Commercial builds including packhouses and other large premises are handled with efficiency and great attention to detail. Repeat business is the ultimate accolade and we’re proud to say many of our clients come back to us with projects time and time again.

SABRE specialises in medium to high density residential housing developments and examples of our multi-level homes can be found across Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. Our team can deliver a large number of units and work to tight timeframes thanks to our meticulous planning and internal quality processes.

As another point of difference, SABRE also offers an in-house interior design service to make sure your building looks great both inside and out.




Commercial & Residential

Construction Manager



  • Horticulture / Rural Sales

  • Commercial / Development Sales

  • Residential Sales

SABRE has always had an interest in helping clients source land both for and from local developers. We have formed a partnership with BLAZE Realty which specialises in horticulture, rural, development, commercial and residential sales in the Bay of Plenty. 


The team at BLAZE has decades of experience and knowledge in the horticulture and rural property sector, as well as accomplished property development expertise. Together we help link investors and SABRE clients with opportunities that exist including subdivisions, residential apartments, orchard developments and commercial buildings.


If you want to discuss buying or selling a lifestyle block, commercial, rural, or any type of property and want experienced assistance, visit http://www.blazerealty.co.nz




Director / Horticulture Sales / Business Development


  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Horticultural

  • Civil

Using our extensive knowledge and contacts within the construction sector, SABRE can help you plan developments of all sizes and take your project to market. This consultancy aspect sets SABRE apart from other construction firms because we understand how to get the best out of your land and what the most efficient solution will be. We’ll partner with you to help you find the right investors, tenants or potential purchasers and, in some instances, we even invest ourselves. 


We have a great eye for spotting desirable pieces of land and opportunities for residential development. Unlike other building companies, we are not limited to flat sites only, and can use our civil and earthmoving capabilities to bring high-quality homes to life on any possible site.


SABRE founded CEDAR RIDGE HOMES in 2017 which sells completed high-spec homes directly to market. We want our homes to look as good in 10 years’ time as the day we hand our customers the keys. We use only the very best materials and SABRE’s experienced, qualified builders to create modern homes that have a beautiful aesthetic and functional design.


For more information visit http://cedarridgehomes.co.nz




General Manager / Investment / Business Development